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We are pleased to announce that we have wrapped up the fulfillment commitments we made through our Kickstarter campaign from last May and June (2014). Throughout the six months that followed, there was an overwhelming demand for us to produce more machine kits after the first round of production. We spent a lot of time during the production of the Kickstarter kits measuring and analyzing our production results with our initial estimates. After continued financial analysis and many internal considerations we have concluded that we cannot reasonably provide more machine kits at this time. As a result, we will be taking a step back with the project and re-enter research & development.

So you really want to get a CNC machine, but we will not be producing any more at this time: What do you do?

The Makesmith CNC router is an open source and open hardware project which means we give out all of the designs and software to build your own for free. We are passionate about the idea of a world where everyone can experience the magic of designing something on the computer and watching it become real, for a reasonable price . You don’t need us to make that happen. You can find the bill of materials, the laser cutter files, and the software on our github account.

This project began as a hobby. As we take a step back from the project and prioritize several things, we will continue to try our best to offer support and development, especially on the software end. We aim to continue finding ways to build CNC routers and 3D printers in the most affordable ways possible. We will be maintaining and updating the software codebase, the website (for software downloads, tutorials, etc.) and the forum indefinitely. We are hoping to make the few parts which are not available at the hardware store, such as the encoders, available to encourage the further development of this project and future ones.

It’s been quite the adventure for us. It was long, tiring, fun, informative, and entirely worthwhile.

We hope that what we have created will live on and benefit the DIY CNC community for years to come.

Thank you for checking us out. Happy routing!


Bar & Tom