Makesmith CNC

Welcome to the home of the Makesmith CNC, an open source project for the most affordable desktop CNC machine!

Last May through June of 2014 we launched a Kickstarter campaign with a minimum goal of $10,000 to produce a few CNC kits for the hobbyists and makers of the world. By the end of our first day we had surpassed our minimum goal and by the close of our month-long campaign we raised $82,207 from 420 backers in 45 countries! Overjoyed with the resounding success of what we thought would be a small summer project, we began our production phase in July and delivered 360 CNCs to our backers in November 2014.

At this time we are not selling any machines, but if you missed the Kickstarter campaign you will be pleased to know that this is an open source project. This means that we provide all of the designs and software to build your own - for free! We are passionate about the idea of a world where everyone can experience the magic of designing something on the computer and watching it become real, for a reasonable price. You don’t need us to make that happen!

We encourage you to explore our website! You can learn about how the project started, locate the software and related guides, and more. Additionally, we recommend you pay a visit to our Forums where you will find a community of supportive makers, comprised of our Kickstarter backers, individuals attempting to build their own CNCs, and the Makesmith Team. In the forums you will also find the bill of materials, laser cutter files, PCB files, and posts showing what the Makesmith CNC has been used to create!

Finally, you can see the latest official updates about Makesmith on our Facebook Page.

Thanks for your interest in our project.


Bar Smith & Tom Beckett